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Getting into law school is only part of the battle. The largest and most difficult battles you will face are graduating from law school and passing the bar exam. The Lawyer Makers, LLC provides a roadmap, The Bar Examination Academy, to help you achieve success with the bar exam. Please read below to view some eye-opening statistics concerning law school and the bar exam.

February 2020 Bar Exam

Dr. Roderick V. Daniel, Esq.
Birmingham School of Law

Tiffany G. Means, Esq.
Birmingham School of Law

Erica Scott, Esq.
Jones School of Law

Crystal N. Smith, Esq.
Birmingham School of Law

Monica S. Whiting, Esq.
Birmingham School of Law

Congratulations to the Following New Attorneys
Who Passed the February 2018 Uniform Bar Examination

Angela Betts, Esq.
Miles Law School

Christin French, Esq.
Birmingham School of Law

Gary Richardson Jr., Esq.
Miles Law School

Neena Speer, Esq.
University of Alabama

Congratulations to the Following Attorneys
Who Passed the July 2017 Bar Examination

Inez Clark, Esq.
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Arkansas Bar Exam

Deidra Mayes, Esq.
Miles Law School
Alabama Bar Exam

Dominique Mayfield, Esq.
Thomas M. Cooley Law School Western Michigan University
Tennessee Bar Exam

Alumni Websites

Charity M. Davis, Esq.
Edmond D. Earle, Esq
Karlos F. Finley, Esq.
Rolando Rankin, Esq.


Professor Barrett's teachings in the area of writing with clarity were key to my successfully passing the Alabama State Bar Examination on the first attempt.  As my legal research and writing professor, he imparted me with the necessary writing skills; thus allowing me to confidently convey information in a fashion that the Bar Examiners were looking for.  As a judge now, I often harken back to those teachings.  Thank you Professor!

 Judge and Attorney Karlos F. Finley
May 20, 2017

  Professor Barrett’s Method Really, Really Works!!!
Otis Stewart, C.P.A., Esq.
(205) 488-9917
May 19, 2017

We graduate law school with an abundance of legal knowledge, yet we still face one gigantic hurdle - THE BAR EXAM.  Understanding how to present your knowledge of the law to a Bar examiner under the pressure of the exam is a key element to passing the Bar.  Professor Barret teaches his class how to understand the components of the MEE and the MPT, and how to write in such a way that conveys your mastery to the examiner.  His sixteen week course is designed to cover each subject in depth using many examples.  Furthermore, his MBE study plan guides his students through the study process and prevents them from getting bogged down in any one area.  Most importantly, Professor Barrett's classes are small, allowing for individualized attention and reassurance.  I honestly believe that his class gave me the confidence I needed to pass the Bar.   Jessica Guthrie-Hudson, Esq.

Congratulations to Attorney Elizabeth Whitfield, Arkansas'!

Attorney Elizabeth Whitfield

Graduate of Mississippi College of Law


Congratulations to Attorney Jessica Guthrie-Hudson, Alabama!

Attorney Jessica Guthrie-Hudson

Graduate of Birmingham School of Law

Read Her Testimonial


Law School Statistics

According to the American Bar Association's statistics on total enrollment and total degrees awarded for the 2011-2012 academic year, out of the 44,881 total for first-year enrollment, the total attrition for first-year students was 4,881. These numbers indicate that almost 11% of the students who enrolled in law school during the 2011-2012 academic year did not remain in law school beyond their first year.

Bar Exam Statistics

According to the National Conference of Bar Examiners Bar Examination Statistics, 78% of all first time bar examination takers passed the test in their respective jurisdictions in 2013. This means that more than 1 out of every 5 persons taking the bar exam for the first time failed it in the U.S. in 2013. According to the National Conference of Bar Examiners, the average score on the February 2016 multiple-choice test plummeted to 135, the lowest average score on a February exam since 1983.

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